We often forget about the importance of foot care. But simply having diabetes greatly increases the incidence of lower limb amputation, vascular disease and diabetic peripheral Neuropathy (DPN). Some of the signs that appear in the foot are quite subtle and may include a change in foot shape, sensitivity and dry skin.

Being well prepared and understanding how to look after your feet has been demonstrated to lower the complication rate of these serious problems.

Patients with diabetes will often complain off series of sensory symptoms in their feet which include both burning pain and loss of sensation. This is called Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN). There are numerous treatments available including foot creams, pills, and nerve stimulators.

Other causes of foot problems include vascular disease where the arterial supply to the foot is compromised. Patients may therefore experience symptoms of cramp when walking or what is known as rest pain when doing nothing. It is important that patients who develop symptoms in their feet are assessed in order for these specific diagnoses to be treated appropriate.

We often neglect our feet but it is essential to establish regular foot care that should include keeping the feet hydrated and moist. It is also important to ensure that your shoes are well fitted and do not contribute to callous formation by rubbing on your foot. These simple measures as well as immediate treatment of any problem that arises will contribute to your feet staying healthy.

These simple measures with the 3 'c's

Control of your blood sugar

Control of your blood pressure

Control of your cholesterol

Will greatly help in maintain healthy feet
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