About our Clinic The Team
Dr Richard Sheaves has developed a specialist diabetes service at The London Clinic. Together with Diabetes Nurse Consultant Jeannette Woods they support patients with up to date clinical care, emotional support, on-going education and supportive telephone contact. 'We work together to help patients understand diabetes whilst enabling them to make their own choices, ensuring appropriate treatment according to their preferred lifestyle.'   

We see patients with diabetes from all corners of the world and have expertise and understanding of a range of international dietary cuisines and habits. The team is particularly interested in working with patients who are passionate about food and wine. We can help you maximise the possibility of having the lifestyle of your choice.

We have a special interest in the problems posed by the management of diabetes in sport, travel and adventure. The team's philosophy with their patients is to enable them to enjoy their lifestyle and preferences.

The highly dedicated team led by Dr Sheaves provides a comprehensive service. A close working relationship with a network of other specialists including those in cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology, general surgery, dermatology and cosmetic medicine ensures that our patients receive the most appropriate treatment and that your total needs are met with the highest professional care.

With expertise in the latest developments in the study of diabetes and related disorders, patients have the comfort that they are being supported by a team who are up-to date with the latest research.

Dr Sheaves and his team speak several languages including English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish.

What can the Diabetes Clinic do for you?

This service is particularly helpful to those patients who are:

  • Newly diagnosed with diabetes needing information and treatment.
  • Concerned about diabetes related complications.
  • Needing pre and post surgical adjustment to treatment.
  • Requiring pre-conceptual advice or intensive monitoring during pregnancy.
  • Wanting advice on the diagnosis of heart disease.
  • Keen to take part in sport or adventure trips.
  • Looking for new treatment options.
  • Experiencing problems with hypoglycaemia or hypo unawareness.
Patients can also have the following investigations:

Pathology blood tests (diabetes control, Lipids, kidney, liver, Vitamins).
Cardiac assessment (ECG, ECHO, stress testing, EBCT heart scans).
Neurology (assessment, nerve conduction, brain CT and MRI).
Vascular (doppler ultrasound).
Ophthalmology (visual acuity, retinal photographs, assessment of cataracts).
Foot Assessment (neurology and vascular assessment, chiropody).
Dermatology (assessment and referral).
Renal function (renal function tests, urinalysis, renal ultrasound).
Gastroenterology (referral for ultrasound and endoscopy).
Nutrition (blood tests to assess nutritional status, referral to dietician).

We offer programs to answer specific problems concerning your diabetes.

The diagnosis and treatment.
Research and development of new treatments.
Clinical examination, eye assessment and referral to the Ophthalmology Department.
Risk reduction strategy for heart and stroke prevention.
Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy.
Prevention of diabetic kidney disease.
Referral to consultants in other specialties within The London Clinic.
Nutritional assessment and recommendations using mobile phone/web based technology.

The London Clinic
Dr Sheaves is a Consultant Physician in The London Clinic. He is able to refer to many other specialists involved in the care of diabetic patients. These specialists work most notably in the departments of:

  • Ophthalmology for eye referrals.
  • Cardiology for heart assessment.
  • Neurology for an opinion on neuropathies.
  • General Surgery, Vascular surgery and Bariatric surgery.
  • Orthopaedic surgery and podiatry for treatment of diabetic foot disease
  • Nutrition, dietetics and gastroenterology for gastric related disorders
  • Oncology for management of steroid induced diabetes
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