There is enough knowledge available nowadays to initiate a prevention strategy and set out to avoid all diabetic related complications right from the outset. There is a very close relationship between the level of long-term blood glucose control (HbA1c) and the development of all the complications. This is true whether we consider diabetic eye disease, kidney disease, heart disease or foot problems. Similarly there is a close relationship between the level of blood pressure and blood cholesterol profile and all these vascular complications. The initial focus is therefore to obtain values within a specified target range for all three parameters. This may mean taking combination therapy for diabetes, BP and cholesterol.

Monitoring and early treatment is key to avoiding long-term diabetes complications.

Retinal examinations will become part of your annual timetable.
Kidney function tests will be performed at regular intervals.
Podiatry sessions are mandatory in certain situations, they make a significant difference in the avoidance of diabetic foot ulcers and risk of amputation.
Cardiovascular testing has advanced to the degree where scans are now able to predict future trouble at a very stage.
Cardiovascular risk prevention strategies will be at the top the list in most diabetes follow up sessions.

If diabetes complications have presented, the next step is to assess and treat them speedily and efficiently. A referral service and clinical network will be accessed in this eventuality. In particular, close ties are available in order to investigate patients with the fields of

Vascular Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery

As diabetes can present with problems associated in any part of the body your Diabetes Team will be integral to the network operations in General Internal Medicine within the Clinic.

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