Research has shown that the diabetic population and particularly people who are obese have a higher incidence of pancreatic cancer.

Being overweight encourages a detrimental change in our metabolism. Some of these changes such as high triglyceride levels are easily measured. This so called inflammatory metabolism results in the development of pancreatic lesions within the pancreatic ducts. These are thought to be pre-cancerous.

A reasonable hypothesis is thus one where obesity, being an important risk factor for Type 2 diabetes and pancreatitis, is in turn the main contributor of risk for pancreatic cancer in people with diabetes. This idea is consistent with the suggestion that the Incretin based therapies are only related to these pancreatic disorders in an indirect way. That is, that being overweight and having diabetes are the relevant risk factors and not the drugs.

Obviously to prove this point we need to see the clinical trial data in their entirety. This is where we come to the important point of transparency concerning clinical data. We need to have access to all the information and we need to have open debate.

This brings us to part 2 of the controversy because much of the data is wrapped up behind company secrets and red tape. Debate of this controversial area has racked up the pressure on the companies who market these drugs. What was a debate on a relatively routine scientific news story has now become embroiled with litany of accusations of secrecy.

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