Many people consider the promotion of ‘diabetic’ food as a bit unsavory as it plays on the vulnerable.

There is no need for anyone with diabetes to eat special diabetic foods like diabetic biscuits, diabetic jam or chocolate. These products often cost a lot more than ordinary equivalent foods and offer no particular benefit to people with diabetes. They contain sweeteners, which may induce gastrointestinal side effects, and they tend to have similar contents of calories and fats as ordinary products. It is also not the case that the small amounts of sugar found in normal confectionary or cookies causes harmful excursions of blood glucose levels.

The Sugar Free, Low Sugar industry is massive and infiltrates our shopping habits on a daily basis. Searching for delicious alternatives that meet dietary restrictions can be extremely challenging. The diabetic food industry has created a niche market in this area but without good evidence that it is clinically necessary it is difficult to support a reason for its existence. In fact if anything the concept of it deflects from the very basis of good nutrition, which involves eating a balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables, low in saturated fat and low in salt.

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