This article does not prove anything about white rice for the general public. The results are only interesting because they raise questions about food production and eating habits in parts of the world reliant on rice as the staple form of carbohydrate. No single food type has previously been implicated in the development of Type 2 diabetes and this report proves no exception.

From a public health perspective there are no conclusions that can be drawn other than the results being a stimulus for further research. Further studies will be needed to develop and substantiate the implications of the present study.

For people worried about the risk of developing diabetes the conclusions can be no more than raising awareness of the already proven links between diet and diabetes. This in short is to focus on the food that contributes most to weight gain. With respect to rice, relevant questions might trigger a thought about whether we need to eat so much, do we really need that second portion?

These are simple questions to an old problem but ones for which we already have very clear answers. When referring to cause and effect in Type 2 diabetes risk, increasing body weight is by far the single biggest reversible risk factor. White rice on its own has not been shown to be a risk factor.

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