An Asian and Middle Eastern diet broadly speaking includes rice as part of a meal. There will be many other healthy food groups creating a balance. The philosophy of Indian cuisine is not to focus on one food type but to create a balance of tastes that contribute to overall good health.

The point about food culture is therefore that it is not usually about one food type. Having said that it is easy to see how any food group that is eaten exclusively can contribute negatively to overall health. This diet will lack the necessary variety of nutrients. In truth rice is not eaten exclusively, it is eaten with other ingredients and a lot of these are very good for us. They are the very same ingredients that our science journals and newspapers continuously propose we eat for a healthier longer life. They are fruit and vegetables in abundance, garlic, chillies, white meat such as chicken, even gogi berries, all of these ingredients are added to rice dishes in some form or other. As they say in Thailand, the ancient home of rice cultivation, ‘have you eaten rice today’

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