Don’t take the study too seriously because white rice has not been shown to cause Type 2 diabetes. The research has only thrown up an interesting association between white rice consumption and diabetes risk. Different studies are needed to take this concept further.

In the meantime enjoy rice dishes as before. Perhaps it would be more worthwhile considering the other influences on diabetes, those perhaps resulting from the amount of food consumed at any one time or your overall body weight. There are likely influences also from the cooking method, from the other ingredients used in a rice dish and from the accompaniments served with rice. As rice forms part of a balance in food culture it seems more important to consider this more widely rather than focusing attention on one ingredient.

If you are a patient with diabetes and you follow your own blood glucose levels using a simple glucometer after eating different types of food, then you may have noticed unpredictable results. If 2 hours after eating on one day you identify a high blood glucose level but on another you don’t then it doesn’t always follow that the culprit is one food type like rice.

Don’t forget that confounding factors will be at play also in this experiment. What was the quantity eaten? What else was eaten? Did you have drinks? Did you exercise at any point that day. Were you stressed? What else was going on in your life?

It is also these confounding factors that should be considered in the wider scope in any research on the topic. The existence of these factors in all of our lives and in any community contribute to the very reason why it is impossible to conclude from the present study that white rice causes Type 2 diabetes

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