Dr Richard Sheaves has extensive international experience in General Internal Medicine (GIM). His current position at The London Clinic provides the specialist environment to assess patients using the latest radiology and pathology investigations and to refer patients to some of the UK's leading consultants in their specialist field.

Dr Sheaves provides a comprehensive service for patients with complex or multiple general medical problems which often requires time and understanding. The team work collectively in order to gather all the relevant medical records and details and collate these with new investigations into a cohesive diagnostic package.

We see patients from all over the world with diverse cultural lifestyles and this has given us a unique ability to tailor individual treatment best suited to them. We maintain regular contact with many of our patients enabling us to give longer-term support in order to provide a consistent level of help.

Dr Sheaves and his team speak several languages including English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish.

How we can help

We will first of all establish the following:

What does your diagnosis mean?
Whether your current diagnosis is correct.
Whether further investigations are required.
What the best treatment programs are.
The prognosis and outlook for the future.

What can we do for you?

Our philosophy is to work with patients to ensure that they understand their diagnosis and to help them find the best treatment available to them. Our access and close working relationship to leading specialists and consultants in the UK enables us to identify who is best for you.

  • We assess patients with complex medical problems who require further information regarding diagnosis and clinical management. Delivery of clear information concerning the diagnostic pathway is key to our approach.
  • We organize pathology tests and radiological examinations facilitated by our links with The London Clinic departments and admission to The Clinic if necessary.
  • We will identify and refer you to the leading consultant best suited to you either at The London Clinic or at an alternative hospital if more appropriate.
  • We can arrange for numerous tests to be carried out in the comfort of your home.
  • We will discuss with you preventative medicine and future health care. We will explore with you options and the pros and cons of any particular treatment that is available.
  • We can also discuss with you genetic counseling.

We have professional and established links with groups providing a wide area of expertise including ENT, Ophthalmology, cardiovascular. medicine neurology, neurosurgery, gastrointestinal health and preventative medicine.

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