Skin care needs observation. The most obvious hidden areas include the feet. Preventing problems is always better than treating a problem which is why regular preventative chiropody comes high up in any list of best practice. In other parts of the body also observation and early treatment is key. For all skin lesions get a proper diagnosis and treat it.

Try to hydrate the skin on a regular basis. Particularly if you have dry skin on the feet explore different preparations and find one that is easy and comfortable to use.

Many people complain that foot creams are slippery or that they stain the socks or stockings. In this respect the foam applicators may be more appropriate as the application dries quickly and evenly. The preparation should be designed to add moisture and lipids to the skin as well as restore the skin cell’s barrier function. There are many products currently included in the guidelines relating to dermatological pharmacy. Optimal skincare achieves a balance between the hydration status of the skin and the strength of the cellular barrier function

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