• Good for healthy bones and teeth and regulating nerve and muscle function
  • Deficiency presents with nerve and muscle symptoms and causes weak bones
  • Good sources from
    • Milk, cheese, dairy foods
    • Green leafy vegetables (broccoli, cabbage)
    • Soya and tofu
    • Nuts
    • Sardines
  • Good for maintenance of nerve and muscle function including normal activity of the parathyroid glands and calcium levels
  • Deficiency causes dizziness, cramps and fatigue
  • Good sources from
    • Green leafy vegetables (spinach)
    • Nuts
    • Brown rice
    • Whole grain bread
  • Good for the immune system and helps to prevent damage to cells and tissues
  • Good sources from
    • Brazil nuts
    • Fish and meat
    • Eggs
  • Good for making adequate red and white blood cells
  • Good sources from
    • Nuts
    • Shellfish
  • Good for activation of many enzyme processes in the body
  • Good sources from
    • Tea
    • Nuts
    • Green vegetables (peas, runner beans)
  • Good for many important functions including making new cells and enzymes and process metabolism and with the healing of wounds
  • Good sources from
    • Meat
    • Shellfish (oysters, lobster)
    • Milk, cheese and dairy food
    • Various seeds (sesame, poppy, mustard)
  • Good for thyroid gland function and keeps cells involved with metabolism healthy
  • Good sources from
    • Fish and shellfish
    • Kelp and seaweeds
    • Cranberries
    • Fortified foods with iodized salts
    • Himalayan crystal salt
  • Good for making red blood cells and essential for many important processes in the body
  • Deficiency leads to anaemia
  • Good sources from
    • Red meat
    • Beans
    • Nuts
    • Whole grains and brown rice
    • Dried fruits (apricots)
    • Green vegetables (watercress and kale)
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