The A-Z of diets will focus the eye more on the use of language than on any scientific evidence of benefit. In the unlikely event that any of these diets have proven scientific evidence relating to long-term health any questions relating to their use will be extremely limited. For confirmation or more information pick any diet from the list below and surf the net for results of scientific trials.

Apple Cider Vinegar diet - claiming that apple cider vinegar will cause weight loss

Bridal bootcamp - program to get you into shape before your wedding

Cabbage soup diet - a monotonous diet plan based on guess what

Don't go hungry diet - a non-dieting approach to weight loss French women don't get fat - based on eating like a French woman

Eat stop eat - incorporating 24 hr fasts to promote weight loss

Five two diet . This is a diet based on low calories for 2 days and then eat within reason the next five days 5/2 DIET

Grapefruit diet - based just around eating grapefruit

Hollywood diet - based around drinking tonic juice

Idiot proof diet - how to lose lots of weight on a low carbohydrate diet

Jump-start juicer - a 7-day program of fresh fruit and vegetable juices

Kind diet - a guide to losing weight, feeling great and saving the planet

Lunch box diet - portion controlled healthy lunches

Martini diet - uses a martini glass to judge portion size

Neanderthin - a diet based on the eating habits of Palaeolithic humans

Oprah diet - waist management and looking good on the Oprah show

Pen and paper diet - calorie counting for effective weight loss

Raw food revolution - incorporation yummy raw foods to promote weight loss

Skinny bitch diet - vegan diet, no sugar or processed foods

Thermogenic diet - using foods that speed up metabolism

Ultimate tea diet - based on the healthy benefits of tea

Very low calorie diets - designed only to be used under medical supervision

Warrior diet - going into battle after cycles of overeating and under eating

Your big fat boyfriend diet - helps you avoid gaining weight when dating a guy that is overweight

Zone diet - based on zones or ratios of the different food types

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