The main conclusions.

The holistic way of thinking about diet is important. The complete Mediterranean dietary experience is what produced the positive results. The culture of eating slowly may have been just as influential as the food components.

The study confirmed the idea that olive oil confers something special and extra virgin olive oil provides extra benefits with respect to prevention of heart disease.

A Mediterranean diet is beneficial to people concerned about weight gain despite not being low fat. The fat content is predominantly monosaturated and mostly plant based.

A Mediterranean diet benefits people with diabetes despite being relatively high in carbohydrate. This component is largely of low glycaemic index (Low GI) foods coming from whole grains and a variety of fruit and vegetables.

A Mediterranean diet also has a seasonal basis. This in turn will influence cooking styles. There will be less reliance on processed foods and preservatives.

The Mediterranean diet has been referred to as the best diet in the world because of its affects on increasing longevity. It has now been proven scientifically to be one of our best weapons against cardiovascular disease. The PREDIMED study concluded that a Mediterranean diet can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease by up to 30%.

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